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Helping Fandom Art Make Business Sense


Fandom business often doesn’t operate like normal business, and that’s a big problem. It’s cool to be part of the niche, the “in-crowd” of fans making money serving other fans, but the nature of fandom has normalized a lot of practices that don’t make for sustainable businesses.


For example:
In fandom art spaces (Fanart, furry/anthro art, etc.), there’s a race to the bottom on pricing.

Many new artists mistakenly believe they can price themselves low and make up the difference in sheer volume.

Not only does this rapidly cause burnout, it also attracts problem customers and slows the artists’ growth.

She’s Lost Control Media has one foot in fandom and the other in business. We work with artists and content creators in niche, fandom, and geek culture spaces to help plan their businesses and sustainably serve the fandoms and niches they love.

Let’s See How We Can Help You

She’s Lost Control Media helps fandom artists, creators, and entrepreneurs plan and strategize their businesses. That way, artists get to focus on their art, creators get to focus on their content, and entrepreneurs get to focus on their product, knowing they have the knowledge and tools to succeed.

From business plan creation to price determination, market research to business licensing, She’s Lost Control Media is ready to help you start doing real business.

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